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Kesha's Kitchen Food Program

Feeding Our Community Raffle Program.

Sign up to be a Sponsor for a Family Or person in Need


Once a week Kesha’s Kitchen will give away $100 Dollars per week (credit) 

to a family in need or a family looking for food assistance - All are able to apply for the funds . No one is excluded. If you know a family in need , you can also apply for them.

Each week we will designate a new food shopping center for the week.


All families are welcome and the gift card will be for food .


Sign up today! Apply to be part of the Raffle drawing - When filling out the application you must include your valid email address , full name , phone number and address . In addition , a one paragraph on why your family or someone you love deserve the funds .

The raffle winner must provide consent to Kesha’s Kitchen and the team to take photos and videographer during the acceptance of the award and some footage of the shopping .


We want this to be a pleasurable experience for our contestants.


Something like that …

Kesha's kitchen Food Program

Feed our community raffle 100 Dollar giveaway per week!

Sponsor Section

Kesha's kitchen like to give our appreciation to all who give there donation  to those in need... Thank You!.

Thanks for registering.

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