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Direct connect promo Model's for hire, Let our team of influencers Get started on your brand building solutions  Let our online influencer market promote your products or services.  Influencer marketing is now a mainstream form of online marketing. It has been a buzzword for a while now, and the mainstream media regularly refers to it. Influencers, unlike celebrities, can be anywhere. They can be anyone. What makes them influential is their attractive appeal or large followings on the web and social media. An influencer can be a popular person in life on Instagram, who tweets, or a respected marketing executive on Within any industry, there are influential people—you just have to find them. Some will have hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of followers. But many will seem more like ordinary people. They may only have 10,000 followers, less in some cases. Yet, they will have developed a reputation for being the experts in their field. They are the go-to people who provide the answers to people's questions. Depending on their sphere of expertise, they are the people who make the most engaging social posts on their specialist topics. They share the best pictures, make the most entertaining videos, and run the most informative online discussions.




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